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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Report from Bible Quiz Nationals

2011 Champion Quiz Team "CLAY"
Wednesday night officially kicked off the Bible Quiz Fellowship 2012 National Tournament at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. A beautiful facility with hundreds of teens and adults from all over America kicking off round robin competition today (Thursday) and Friday leading into the elimination rounds on Saturday.

But it's not about statistics and trophies. It's about honoring the Living Word even as we compete over the written Word.

Last night the proverbial pin would not have been heard dropping as Aaron Thomas, son of Ed Thomas, spoke to us. Ed was the football coach at Parkersburg (Iowa) who was gunned down by a former player in 2009. All of us were challenged by Ed's life and legacy.

Aaron is a former Bible quizzer. He and I laughed as we spoke about his national's teams, ahem, 17 or so years ago. A now-NFL player (coached by Ed were three other NFL players) was on that team...all I remember is how BIG they were!

After all these years of being involved, and being around several men and women who have been invovled almost as many years as I...this quote that came to my in-box this early morning resonates:

“In Jesus’ simple command to ‘make disciples,’ he has invited every one of his followers to share the life of Christ with others in a sacrificial, intentional, global effort to multiply the gospel of Christ through others. He never intended to limit this invitation to the most effective communicators, the most brilliant organizers, or the most talented leaders and artists — all the allegedly right people that you and I are prone to exalt in the church. Instead, the Spirit of God has empowered every follower of Christ to accomplish the purpose of God for the glory of God in the world. This includes the so-called wrong people: those who are least effective, least brilliant, or least talented in the church.

Building the right church, then, is dependent on using all the wrong people.”— David Platt

If you are not familiar with Ed Thomas, or want to refresh your memory, I do recommend the book written about this incredible man:

The David Platt quote is taken from the following:

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