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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jacob's Military Birthday Party

Four days after the actual date of his tenth birthday, Jacob had several of his buddies meet him at our friends Wathena, Ks home for a military themed birthday festivity.

Chris and Tricia Walters allowed us to use their home..Jane had bunches of water-balloon "hand grenades," Chris (a Captain in the Air Force) ran the recruits through their paces (and then hid in the forest until the seekers found him) was enjoyed by all. Threatening weather did not materialize...and a grand...and exhausting...time was had by all.

Here's a bunch of fotos:
                                            Depending on the moment, Captain, General, or Sergeant Jacob:

                                         Janelle, after taking her ACTs, found this relaxing...sort of:

                        Janelle and one of the soldiers...whose activities were limited by a leg injury:

                                                  Preston had a great time!

                                            Part of Jane's creativity...

                              Camo paint runs after being "shot" with colored-water squirt guns

                                       Big sister applies camo paint

                                                       Yeah, I'm gonna have a great party!

                                Several troops with captured Chris

                                    Chris Wolters survived the capture...

                                         Ever vigilant, Jacob waits patiently...

                               The Wolter's youngest (Rebecca) got in on the action...

                                     "Thanks, Janelle, for helping my party be so great!"

                         Jane "I don't like my picture taken" putting up decorations...

                                       Lift those legs, boys; Lift those legs!

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