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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fabulous Sunday

Wow...a week ago I was closing up the Washington State Regional Bible Quiz tournament. Last night concluded the Midland Ministries Regional Tournament. This morning Jacob and I traveled to Oak Grove (Mo) Bible Church; welcoming people, appreciative people, provided food afterwards; then Jacob and I visited Lone Jack, Mo and "Missouri City"...then took Jane to see "Hunger Games" to wrap up the weekend.

Today was just stupendous, and was the perfect close out to a tremendous couple weeks. Thanks, God.

Yeah, here's some pics:
                                  Someone sent me this...ah, what form at Lake Retreat; Washington (state)...the kid
                                scratching his head may be symbolic...

                                                         Buffalo near "Missouri City"

                           Drove by this rather incredible house...

                                    this dude would snuggle up very close...

                                 Innkeeper's residence at historic hotel

                                       Jacob on stairs leading to guest rooms

                                    Jacob preparing to share carrot with a buffalo

                                                 Carrot for what I believe is a young elk?

                                   The day was very warm...Jacob taking a break:

                                             Hard to fathom he will be ten on Apr 10

                                 In a 19th century church...sort of a silouette

                                      Wish I could transport this tree to our backyard...

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