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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Delightful Day with Friends and Pets and More

Thursday was a long day...but came home and went to dinner in Atchison, Ks (just across the river) with great friends, walked around for a while; came home and enjoyed watching Pumpkin (the cat) and Rocky (the dog) and the moon...

                                                            Mr Pumpkin - the cat - eyeing the dog

        A "left over" from Jacob and Dad's man-date Sunday; Lone Jack, Mo provides a laugh for Jacob:

                                                     One of two memorials alongside Mighty Mo
                                                     Another view, with bridge construction behind
                                                       Cat and full moon
                                           Love livin' in the country...
                                        Blurry...Rocky the dog, Pumpkin the cat, and moon
                                               My bride, and good friends Chris and Trish

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