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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fresh Report from Nationals

Yesterday was the first day of round-robin quizzing at the National Bible Quiz Tournament held in Wisconsin Dells. I quizmastered all day, had a couple equipment glitches, a couple minor controversial decisions, and overall a fantastic day of competition.

My over-three-decades involvement in quizzing, stemming back to my days with Kansas City Youth For Christ, have not lessened my enthusiasm for and admiration of quizzers. It is intense, requires disciplined study, and working as a team. Can it get off balance? Of course, but the pluses far outweigh the alleged minuses.

Most important, hundreds of teens are memorizing great chunks of the infallible, authoritative, powerful Word of God. Our continued prayer is that the Word memorized becomes the Word applied.

Today is another gruelling session of round-robin quizzing; placements will be revealed later this Friday evening, and tomorrow begins the elimination tournament, to conclude Saturday night with the championship quizzes between the top three teams.

Here are some pics of the journey...

                                Enroute hundreds of bugs decided to make an impact on our
                                      charter bus...some of the younger students decided to snack:
                                    Chula Vista Resort and Conference Center where Nationals takes place...
                          among other groups using the facility is the Wisconsin Association of Homicideestigators :)

                        At one of our stops we found this:

       One of my best friends (and current pastor and director of God's Mountain Camp) Johnny Williams with Aaron Thomas, son of Ed Thomas, Parkersburg, Iowa football coach gunned down in 2009...Aaron shared his story on Wednesday evening; and Chris, the police chief gave a dynamic challenge Thursday morning..Out of tragedy, glory...

                            Students begin to assemble for the opening rally Wednesday night...
                   One of my long-time buddies from Rhinelander, Wi...Hey, not only am I okay with his hair, I wish it were mine :)...well, maybe not...but don't let your own hang-ups influence the way you touch...or don't touch...lives for the King

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