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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Remember the "Pueblo"?

The recent fiasco with Iran holding ten U.S. Navy sailors overnight and releasing them with the thanks of the U.S. government reminds me of the "Pueblo."

I was serving in South Korea in January of 1968. I had driven a jeep from our unit at Camp Red Cloud to our headquarters near Seoul. While there we were all called to a briefing at which we were told the DefCon was being elevated because of the North Korean seizure of the "Pueblo."

I was scared.

I was more scared during those first hours than I ever was in Vietnam (where I would be stationed later on in the year).


Because I knew that our weaponry in South Korea was all nuclear. I feared the detonation of nuclear
weapons. I had no concept or clue that our government would sell-out the crew of the "Pueblo."

But we did.

Is this all foreign to you? You can read more about it at this site: CLICK HERE

A few months later I was assigned to Germany...and about two weeks before the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia my unit was sent to the border to monitor the coming invasion...

A few weeks after that I was sent to Vietnam.

I don't regret the four years I spent on active duty in the Army; but these incidents and more caused much confusion, much anger, and much disillusionment....and still do.