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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Biggest Two Words

It's kinda like the Academy Awards...

To say I'm going to quote the "biggest" two words in the entire Bible is obviously not true...

It depends on the context.

How can one compare "Schindler's List" to, say, "The Titanic" on an equal basis? Much less compare to a comedy or a musical. That's why I don't like the Academy Awards...not apples to apples...

But, that said, I still think these two words are incredibly important, and too often overlooked.

What are they?

On this Easter day they ring even louder to me...

They are uttered by the "young man" (angel) in Mark 16.7, "But go, and tell His disciples, and Peter, that He is going down before you to Galilee..."

"and Peter..."

Don't forget Peter. He failed dismally, he is in such pain, he can't believe he did it, he is beating himself up severely..don't forget Peter.

"and Peter..."

....."and Jack..."

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