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Friday, May 20, 2016

Why Wrath?

"Wrath, unlike love, is not one of the intrinsic perfections of God. Rather, it is a function of God's holiness against sin. Where there is no sin, there is no wrath, but there will always be love in God. Where God in His holiness confronts His image-bearers in their rebellion, there must be wrath. Otherwise God is not the jealous God He claims to be, and His holiness is impugned. The price of diluting God's wrath is diminishing God's holiness." 
D.A. Carson
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
Many professing believers don't like to discuss, or they ignore, or they deny that God exercises wrath. Because of that they don't believe Christ took the hit for us on the cross. That is evidenced by many who take this beautiful, stunning song and defuse it by not singing the stanza that says, "Til on the cross, where Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied."
This remains my most revered shall be conveyed at my funeral..

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