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Friday, May 6, 2016

Why Go to (or send your kid to) Summer Camp?

Specifically, why send them to SuperC (in Polo, Mo; run by Midland Ministries, the ministry with which I serve)

Here is an article I wrote for the next issue of the Midland Ministries STAT newsletter. It deals specifically with the camp that we run for four weeks (we also own the camp; the denomination it belonged to liked the way we did camp during our rental years, and gave us the camp a few years ago...a good price!)

I invite you to consider it...we do have campers come from other states, to include California, Virginia, and others (usually one kid per state, sent by a family member who likes us); so this is not only for local Mo/Ks/Ia residents.

Here is the check out camp videos and more,  CLICK HERE  And be sure to watch the video at the bottom...

Why SuperC?
by Jack Hager, Ministry Liaison

I’ve spoken at youth camps an average of six times each summer since 1978.  Do the math…over four years of my life have been spent at Christian camps.

So perhaps I’ve earned the right to recommend Super C.

If you (or your kids/grandkids) already go to a church camp, we are glad!

But if the dates conflict, or you don’t have a camp to attend, seriously consider SuperC
Why? The full-time staff has over 220 combined years of experience working with teens and children. It’s not a “summer” thing; it’s year round. The counselors are carefully vetted (we call them Moms and Pops). 

During a teen week the campers get about 34 hours of Biblical training - from nightly "rallies" to daily seminars/workshops, Bible quizzing, structured "devo" times, and more.

Oh, yeah…it’s FUN! From Mission Impossible to Bible quizzing to the Blob to wild and crazy games…it is an action-packed week with a purpose…helping campers grow in the wisdom and knowledge our Lord Jesus.

We are “non-denominational;” meaning we stress the essentials of the gospel. What if a camper asks about “controversial” issues that can divide Christians? We point them to their pastor, their parents, to a concordance. Paul said the gospel is “of first importance” (1 Corinthians 15) and thus that is our target.

Can you find a camp with better bells and whistles? Yup.

 Can you find a camp where the campers are loved, encouraged, and edified more? Nope.

Is SuperC perfect? Of course not, if it was I couldn’t work there. But Midland has been running camps for over 20 summers. Experience, enthusiasm, and excitement combine to make a week at SuperC possibly the best week of a camper’s life.

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