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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

It's Not New; But It's A Great Book!

(NOTE: I wrote this in 2005):
Read This Book (please)
Make The Time to Read This Book!

I can't recall a book that impacted me as quickly as Dinner With a Perfect Stranger. My only complaint is that I didn't think of the idea behind the book!

Author David Gregory's provocative novella allows readers to "listen-in"on an imaginary conversation between a successful type-A businessman and Jesus. 

The conversation is initiated when the businessman, Nick, receives a formal invitation to join Jesus for dinner.

Convinced the invitation is a gag, Nick shows up to meet a man who introduces himself as, "Jesus. My family called me Yeshua." 

Through the course of dinner "Jesus"serves insights on everything from world religion to the accuracy of the Bible to the purpose of life and the existence of heaven and hell.

Between biting food Nick chews on his own unfulfilled longings, spiritual uncertainties, and anger with God. Is he dining with God, or a lunatic? How does this dinner guest know so much about Nick's life? Could it be?

It is a fascinating, challenging, compelling book. 

This book is a fantastic and unique way to get the gospel into someones hands! Read it for yourself, then give it away, and perhaps think ahead to Christmas and make a list of non-Christian friends who need to "listen in."

I read a portion of the book at a couple of the camps I've recently spoken at...both teens and adults are captivated!

 store... Just click on that link and then click on the Dinner With photo under "Jacks Picks".

Wherever you get the book...get it! I promise you'll not be disappointed.

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