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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Many a Truth is Said in Jest Dept. - Youth Ministry

Thankfully many churches are treating youth ministry more seriously than they did a decade or so ago. Some even are recognizing that the calling to youth ministry may be a life-time calling as opposed to a stepping-stone to a "real" ministry.

But this is sadly still true...though somewhat funny...

What if Dr. Seuss had chaperoned one of our "all-nighter" outreach events? Perhaps this would be found in his archives ...

    One kid, two kid,
    old kid, new kid.
    Flabby kid, toned kid,
    clean kid, stoned kid.

    Some come from near.
    Some come from far.
    Some come with friends in their lowered cars.
    Say! What a lot of kids there are!

    Some like to drink.
    Some wear pink
    And some of them just straight up stink!
    Why do they drink, wear pink and stink?
    I don't know. Go ask your shrink!

    This one is a kid named Blunk.
    Blunk is just a little punk.
    I'd like to stick Blunk in my trunk.
    Then I'd have a Blunk punk trunk!

    I do not like this one so good.
    He's from the burbs, but thinks he's from the hood.
    He wears lots of gold.
    He wears a big ring.
    How the heck can he afford all that bling, bling?
    I do not know, ask his dad. He's doing a dime in Sing Sing.

    Bump, bump, bump.
    That must be a kid named Stump.
    Stump's car goes bump.
    He has a $7,000 car stereo, but lives in a dump.
    Stump is also plump.
    He just sits on his rump listening to bump, bump, bump.
    Stump is so plump that he has seven lumps on the hump of his rump.
    Stump goes bump, bump, bump on his plump rump with the seven lump hump.

    So many kids.
    They come and go.
    Some learn fast.
    Others learn slow.
    We really want to reach them,
    And help them to grow.
    But with what the church pays our youth worker ...
    You'd never know!
by Jonathan McKee

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