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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Superb Day

Yesterday (Monday) was a fantastic day for me.

Actually, every day is fantastic; some are just fantasticker (just for my friends who love the English language :)

 Jacob and I spend Sunday night at the camp our ministry owns and operates in Polo, Mo. Monday I got up and traveled to Cameron and Crossroads Correctional, a maximum security prison.

On the 3rd and 4th Mondays of each month I speak to what is called the "Reformed Bible Study." Yesterday there was about 20 men in attendance. I preached from Psalm 103, and we simply had a God-touched time. Every time the Word is proclaimed there is victory; sometimes seen, sometimes not.

But yesterday morning was "strangely warm" as God's Spirit ministered. Can't adequately put it in written words, but it was a holy hush of reverence.

Last night I spoke at WRDCC in St Joseph. About 70 men came to chapel. It was rainy and cold and thus the yard didn't look all that attractive, so we picked up a few more men than usual.

The prison band did well, and, again, there was a tangible sense of God uniquely working. Again I took off from Psalm 103.1 (I've been camped there for a couple weeks in my personal time). These guys are usually very attentive, but there was an "extraness" to it that, again, I can't explain.

I'm always amazed I get to do what I get to do. I also recognize God could use a donkey to do what I do (and there may be some similarities). But as I drove away from the second prison I was almost tearful in gratitude...first to God for calling, enabling, and equipping; and second to those folks who feel the work is important enough to support in both finance and prayer.

As Jane and I serve as home missionaries through Midland Ministries we receive no salary save that which comes in from people, and a few churches, who give to see our work continue. I've lived that way since 1978, and Jane and I married in 1982. We've not had to worry about where to invest our surplus money; but God, as He promises, has met our every need, and thrown in a few wants.

I frequently (too frequently?) tell our supporters - their gifts make the work possible; while their prayers make the work powerful.

So....I guess all that happened yesterday is their 'fault'.

And I'm grateful beyond measure.

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