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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How tired...and sick...I am of rulemakers. 

Of professing Christians who make the list of rules and regulations the standard, rather than the relationship with Christ...and the Word of God (unless sufficiently cut-and-pasted).

Legalism kills. Of course a legalist would never identify as a legalist. They are "conservative, fundamental, Bible-believing."

Rock-music is bad...always. Ties are vital, as are dresses. One's spirituality is not based on love, but on clothing. Movies? Unheard of (though most legalists I know find no oxymoronic behavior in the fact that they preach loud and long against going to the movies, but rent dvds by the score).

Music? "It sounds like jungle music," which, being translated, means that "God so loved the white people..."

And of course the epitome of legalism...the sole authority of the "King James Bible."

Gaggeth a self-respecting maggot.

I've relatives that, to be consistent, must be praying for my salvation...after all, I listen to Newsboys, read the New American Standard (as well as the ESV), and detest ties. Plus I work for a "parachurch" ministry, am friends with charismatics, and even attend a reformed church (horrors!)

I just confirmed that a friend with whom I had the privilege of ministering years and years ago is now in the "independent" camp, lock, stock, and rule-lists.
I guess these folks will go to heaven (if in fact they've trusted Christ and not rules)...

But I just can't imagine they will enjoy it!

Speaking of "enjoy," whenever I think of legalism I think of lists, which makes me think of this, from Gilbert and Sullivans "The Mikado":

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