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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ten Years Ago?

A trip back in time...but the message remains true:
Birthday Boy!
jacob eat How can time zap by so quickly? April 10 was Jacob's fourth birthday...4? Four? Quatro? Inconceivable (cue "Princess Bride" please). Anyway, it's true; the young lad is four.
How I wish I could introduce him to pro-choicers of all stripes. Let's see, his birth-mother had an abortion prior to Jacob, at least one "miscarriage" since; and has yet to learn important lessons of life...oh, there's that troublesome word

For all the arguments one way or the other, 
the simplest is this: abortion is wrong
if jacob dadfor no other reason the aborted could have been you.

And it is wrong because life is a gift...from conception on. It is wrong on so many levels and from so many perspectives.
And...yes...abortion is sin. But it is not unforgiveable. A woman who has already had an abortion need not feel condemnation if she is "in Christ." There are no "degrees" of sin.
And followers of Christ need to balance anti-abortion with love and acceptance of those who have "been there."
In the meanwhile, recognize that the boy pictured here had an older brother or sister...Jesus holding girl

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