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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Decorations for the Dead

So, SuperC camp ended at 11am; Jacob, Janelle and I came home and later Jane and Janelle's Joe Petsch joined us for a trip to Atchison, Ks to a wondrous Mexican restaurant...afterward we drove to a nearby park (Forest of Friendship or something like that...sort of "we are the world" wanna be?)...but I am allergic to something there so I jumped out and checked out a large cemetery nearby.

Fascinated by cemeterys, and wonder what some of the statuary was meant to portray.

So...guess what? I snapped some pics with my iphone, and here they be:
                             No longer near the grave apparently, just lying in the grass...
                             Wonder how the Kentuckian ended up in Atchison, and why he
                                               died so young...

                                              I give up, why the anchor???

                              Yeah, I'm somewhat proud I caught the lady in cloud silouette...

                                                   So what is she thinking about?

                                  This made me wonder if Mormons have their own cemeterys?

This thing was huge

                          Love the inscription - "Simply to the Cross I Cling"

                                          Can't imagine how much dough went into these...or
                                                  what they mean...
I give up...

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