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Friday, June 15, 2012

Colorado Wrap Up

Morning has broken on our last day at Horn Creek near Westcliffe, Colorado.

What a wondrous week! Great teens, fantastic staff, and obviously beautiful place.

Perfect weather.

Great worship band (Brother/Sister from Central Christian College).

Too much to detail, but, well, yes, I did happen to take some photos with my iphone:

                                Jacob and buddy Ethan Rose (from Phillipsburg, Ks; who interned here
                           this year and suggested...strongly...Horn Creek bring me in to speak)
                                   meet "Dreamer" as Jacob prepares to mount up

                                                 "This is cool, Dad!"

                                     My view of my steed, "Patches"...

                                     Scenes from our all-camper hike Thursday...

                 Massive root system of one of too many trees uprooted by phenomenal windstorm
                                 back a few months...

                                     Reactions varied from "Eww, gross!" to "Can I bring it home?"

                                  Some of the gang from Los Alamos, New Mexico
                                             A view of "The Peak"

                             Micah tries to catch his breakfast as Ethan Rose projects pancakes
                                     Worshiping together with "Brother/Sister"...

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