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Sunday, June 17, 2012

New is already old...

Remember "Purpose Driven Life" (no matter what your take is)? How about "The Prayer of Jabez"? (again, no need to rant or rave...though ranting maketh more sense) What about "Don't Waste Your Life?" Or even "Radical"?

How quick we are (notice the "we", not "you") to jump on a bandwagon of the book or the teaching that is going to revolutionize the church...and then...well, wait for the next one...

Please understand, I'm not against all books (though I am definitely against some - and don't even bother trying to tell me I'm being judgmental...because I am...I didn't stop at Matthew 7.1...I read the rest of the context).

But when I saw this cartoon it made me think of two things:

1) How quick we are to jump on a bandwagon and then tire and move on to something else


2) How I feel after purchasing something at an electronics/communication store...

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