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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Worthy Camp Goal

Last full day at Horn Creek, Colorado...great night last night at "Western night." Tons of fun, tremendous "melodrama" by staff, square dancing, night water sliding...but the highlight of the evening...and, on reflection, a highlight of life, was gathering in the enclosed handball court with 50 or so Horn Creek staff and the band from Central Christian to worship. The venue made the sound...well...majestic; almost cathedral like. A few campers joined the impromptu was a holy moment.

Saw this Peanuts cartoon we get ready to head out tomorrow and start another week (at Super C in Polo, Mo) Sunday night...this is a worthy aspiration for anyone involved in camping...Props to Charlie Brown...and to anyone else who makes the time to befriend the loner, the lonely, the hurting:

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