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Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorado Update

Camp in first full day here at Horn Creek. Relatively small group which makes for great is a church youth group from Los Alamos, New Mexico...can't see any of them glowing in the dark yet...

Did have a bear visit us on campus last night...I did not see it, but camp staff put us on alert...

We are at 9000 feet which is noticeable! No real issues for the Hagers, but some of the campers have developed altitude sickness. Some climbs slated in the next couple days.

Here's a few fotos from the Hager adventure thus far:

                        Rode bike for five hours Friday night and 2 hours Sat morning...told clerk it
                           was a great bike and asked how much?  $2,400.00

                                          Jacob and I hiked to creek at Horn Creek

                                        Looking down...way Royal Gorge

                                                           Simply beautiful...

                                                All creatures great and small...

                                    Yup, ALL creatures...I did (finally) help him get unstuck

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