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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colorado Update...

Stunning day yesterday...went for a couple-hour-hike with a staff member first thing, then traveled to the Arkansas River to white-water-raft with the campers, the music group from Central Christian, and Jacob! Had an absolute ball; gorgeous terrain, lots of laughter...didn't risk bringing phone as it may have drowned, but it was delightful.

Preached purity last night to the predominantly junior high group. Never a fun task, but so very necessary as the evil of the last days increases.

After session Jane informed me that Janelle suffered a minor concussion Monday night, but is doing okay. She is serving at God's Mountain and got clobbered by a soccer ball as she tried to block it...thankfully Josiah and Johnny Williams were there to check her out and draw up a plan of action to waken her every couple hours etc.

Oblah dee, oblah dah, life goes on! So glad the Lord loves her so much more than we can!

                                                      Lots of these flying around...

                                   Jacob enjoying climbing wall...

                             Place utilized for rafting...Christian owned and operated; highly recommended

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