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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It Ain't Just Obama and Hillary

The individual who occupies the house of whiteness in DC and the woman who wishes to be the next resident have this in common: both are on tape stating they are against homosexual "marriage". Ah, but the times they changed, the wind blew a different way, and they were enlightened and changed their minds...

They ain't the only ones: From Tony Campolo to the Wheaton professor who wrote a book stating the Bible clearly teaches that homosexual behavior is sinful...and then disavowed it and rewrote it when his son "came out".

And many of my friends.

Why? I'm sure some of them have made a conscious decision that they were wrong, and using whatever "logic" come to the conclusion that homosexual activity is okay. Others are along for the politically correct ride. Some just don't want to make waves.

But from conversations and observations, the main reason is simple:

It's easy to be "against" homosexual behavior....when you don't know (or know that you know) any homosexuals.

But when it is your brother, best friend, cousin etc...well, then. Time to get the syrup, because far too many waffle.

So I dedicate this to should love the singer; and I love the lyrics...they make me think of folks like you...

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