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Saturday, July 11, 2015

You can't just say, "The Bible says..."

Don't you hate it when someone says, "You gotta read this!"


I'm doing it.

For over a decade I've said homosexuality will be THE issue that God uses to cleanse His church.

I'm not a prophet, nor a son of a prophet, but I just returned from speaking four weeks of teen camp in three states.

From Missouri to Wisconsin to Colorado, I tell you..obviously fueled by the "supreme" court decision; teens and others are baffled, confused, and struggling.

Often they struggle because they have a close friend or relative who is "out." They struggle because some big name "christians" are waffling on the issue. They struggle because their parents are saying, "hey, times change." Some struggle because they struggle with homosexuality themselves.

When and if they ask, "What does the Bible say?" We need to answer authoritatively, bathed in love.

This book will help you do that. Yes, I'll make a penny or so off it if you buy it on the link; and it comes with the Hager guarantee..if you buy it and don't like it, I'll purchase it back from you.

For me it is the best resource out there, and a lot of "big guns" say the same thing.

Buy it. Buy one for your pastor, youth pastor, friend.

It's that good, and it is definitely that important. And it is not going away.

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