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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Praying...for Safety...and for Cemeteries

I pretty much always pray for physical safety before driving anywhere. If with others I pray out loud (or, if with family, one of the family members prays).

A few weeks ago a deeply spiritual passenger didn't quite reprimand me, but said something like, "I don't find anyone praying for safety in the Bible."

I blew it off, though my first thought was "cast ALL your cares upon Him..."

Later I thought his premise was sort of like those who try to justify homosexuality by saying "Jesus never directly referred to it." The response to an idiotic statement like that is, of course, Jesus never referred to a lot of things that we know are wrong.

The "argument from silence" is not valid.

Re homosexuality, or re prayer.

In fact, yesterday Jane, Jacob, and I and Jacob's buddy Nick were coming home from a minivacation. We planned to stop at any antique/flea market thing we saw. I enjoy them, but I prayed, specifically that we would be led to a nice antique shop adjacent to a cemetery (I have a "thing" for old cemeteries).

As providence would have it (or, for the cynic, coincidence) the last place we stopped was...yeah, an antique store right across the street from the Ash Grove (Mo) cemetery.

So my aforementioned passenger can continue to pray, I suppose, only prayers he finds recorded in the Word; I'll just ask our loving Father to bless His undeserving child.

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