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Saturday, June 6, 2015

What Did You Do Last Week?

Prison ministry is not a universal calling. Though Jesus talked about visiting those in prison; others are gifted in nursing home ministry, hospital visitation, youth, etc.

But I've been privileged to be involved in ministry behind the walls ever since I was released on parole.

Last Friday I spent the day in the Ellsworth (Ks) Correctional Facility, and on Saturday I was privileged to minister at Hutchinson.

I was able to share my story to the entire group; and had some one-on-one times with several prisoners.

One young man was passionate about his commitment to Christ, and seemed genuinely repentant of his sins...both legal and illegal. The earliest...the earliest...he will get out of prison is June 4, 2058. That is not a typo...2058.

Another offender is comparatively "short," he may get out in 2036.

Of course most of the men I work with regularly at Crossroads Correctional in Cameron, Mo will never get out. As in never.

I won't argue the prison system or the legal system.

But it is important to remember these men are created in the image of God...and precious in His sight.

Many are lost, but no more lost that you were/are.

Some of the Christian inmates were Christians when they committed their crimes. Some sins are legal; some illegal.

I'm grateful someone reached out to me when I was incarcerated.

I'm grateful beyond words that my support team makes it possible for me to work in the ripe fields of youth and prison ministry full-time.

And I rejoice in hope. (NOTE - the pics with helicopter are of Ellsworth during a training exercise for the reaction teams; the other two are of Hutchinson. The chapel at Ellsworth is the most fantastic chapel I've seen in 35 plus years of ministry...all paid for by donations from the outside. The chaplains there are fantastic.

I can't recommend enough that you consider spending some time behind the walls with Bill Glass's prison ministry. Check it out by CLICKING HERE

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