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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Hager Theorum

I posted this on my Facebook; and it received much response; mostly favorable, some not so much.

So here it is:

Many professing Christians are okaying the Jenner thing (or yelling at those who are discussing it to "shut up!")

My bet is that the majority of that group are also okay with homosexual behavior. 


Because - consciously or unconsciously - if such behavior (plainly condemned by Scripture...note the behavior is condemned, not the individual; the individual is still in need of and still can receive the gospel), repeating, if such behavior is "okayed" then MY behavior (perhaps premarital sex, extramarital sex, etc) is also okay.

That's my longstanding theory.

Sadly proved out in too many cases.

Because...consciously or unconsciously...if such behavior (patently condemned by scripture....note...the BEHAVIOR is condemned, not the individual...they are still in need of and can receive the gospel); because of such behavior is "okayed" then MY behavior is okay (perhaps premarital sex, extramarital sex, et al). That's my long-standing theory.

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