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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Deleting His Wrath

As part of my message last night I referred to the Getty's "In Christ Alone," and told the campers that this would be one song sung at my funeral. (along with "Hello My Name Is" by Matthew West).

I also pointed out my fury at those Christian artists and "worship leaders" who use the song...sort of.

These people, who I won't name at this point, delete one passage from the incredible song...

"til on the cross, where Jesus died; the wrath of God was satisfied..."

Tsk Tsk. These men and women apparently don't believe in substitutionery atonement. Some of their spokesmen say things like, "If that were true, God would be guilty of child abuse."

Gaggeth a self respecting maggot.

"Jesus was obedient unto death, even death on a cross."

If they want to play the child abuse card, let them...but in the case of the Gospel the Child was willing. Though He prayed "let this cup (of God's wrath) be taken from me" He was obedient...and went to the Cross willingly...amazingly.

Lots of people talk about the "full gospel". Of course the gospel is the can't cafeteria the gospel anymore than you can cafeteria the Lord Jesus (as in, "I'll take a big helping of Jesus Savior, but I'll pass on the Lord part")

I do not believe one has to believe in substitutionary atonement in order to become a follower of Christ...but I wonder...once you read the many Bible verses that describe sacrificial atonement and propitiation...and if you reject that...hmm....

Enjoy the song:

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