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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Personal Boycott (maybe)

I was thinking about the probability of more and more lawsuits against people of faith by homosexual activists with the so-called "supreme" courts hijacking Friday.

And I had a thought.

Perhaps I should (I'm not suggesting this for everyone; I have a hard enough time doing my time; I can't and won't do yours) boycott any business that employs homosexuals? Obviously I have to buy my utilities, etc from the existing companies. And there are some things that are simply too convenient and too necessary to my work/ministry/life to give up; as in Amazon.

But I pay taxes that abort babies, so I do not feel there is a firm line in the sand.

But I don't have to go to a local restaurant if it employs homosexuals. How do I find out? I ask. At least then it would force them to lie.

If a kid comes to my home and wants to mow my lawn, I'll ask him if his parents are "gay." If affirmative, I'll move him down the road.

Every girl who knocks on my door (they are all still girls, aren't they?) selling Girl Scout Cookies will also be interrogated. The service station that has homosexual employees is on the "no buy" list.

Movie theater employ "gays"? Redbox or Netflix it is. Or a good book, if I can find a bookstore that employs heterosexuals only.


I suppose.

But no more idiotic than a person of faith who bakes cakes being shut down because their conscience won't allow them to make a cake for a "gay" wedding.

Bob was, and is, right....

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