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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our Times Are In His Hands - Prayers Requested TODAY

Megan Robie was a camper at Penn York Bible Camp last summer. Corning (NY) Area Bible Club has hosted two weeks of camp there for decades. I was the camp speaker that week (as I have been every other year or so for many years)

Megan's Mom was, as I remember, the camp nurse. I definitely remember she always had GREAT coffee early in the morning, causing many early visits by me.

Megan died last week. From what I know at this point...which is very little...she died from complications from a "routine" surgery.

Shocking. Sad. Heartbreaking.

But not a shock to God.

He is either sovereign in the affairs of man, or He is not.

And if He is not sovereign He is not much of a God. 

Obviously I don't "get" it.

But I do "get" that I can pray.

And I have been and am praying especially today as her funeral will take place at 7:00 eastern this evening.

Would you pray with me? Pray comfort for the family and friends who are believers; pray for those attending the funeral who are outside the family of God. I know the pastor who is officiating; I am confident the gospel will be proclaimed.

I am speaking at Midland Ministries SuperC Camp in Polo, Missouri this week. Last night we, as a group, prayed for Megan's family etc; and I've asked the teens to continue praying throughout today, and we will pray as a group at tonights rally.
Pray with us that God would open hearts and minds tonight...that the Spirit would honor the proclaimed Word and draw teens and adults out of darkness into His marvelous light.

The prison mantra is simply: God is good; all the time; and all the time, God is good.

All the time.


And I am thrilled that in our grief we can confidently look forward to seeing her again.

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