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Sunday, June 28, 2015

An Open Letter to Homosexuals and Their Christian Allies

If you are a homosexual, please know I don't hate you, look down on you, or judge you on a personal level.

As an undeserving follower of Christ who holds to His Word, I know that your active homosexual lifestyle is is any heterosexual activity outside of marriage.

All sexual sin, according to the Bible (1 Corinthians 6) carries a different connotation than other sin; but all sin...lying, gossip, stealing...carries the same sentence.

No, I do not hate you.

And I don't particularly care that the so-called "supreme" court gave you want you want. Frankly, I think Christians and other religious organizations wasted millions of dollars and millions of hours of irreplaceable time trying to stop the legalization of homosexual marriage. That money could have been used to feed the hungry, enable missionaries, and countless other worthy projects.

But...sadly...believers continue to prove that it is far easier to be "against" something than actively "for" something.

No, I don't hate you.

You and your significant other, however, will never be allowed to spend the night in my home; any more than I'd let one of my unmarried children spend the night in my home with their "significant other" to who they were not married. I'll not consciously enable sin.

If you and your husband/wife/whatever come to a gathering at my home and begin to demonstrate, in my mind, inappropriate conduct you will be told to leave, as I would do to a hetero couple that was "making out" in an inappropriate manner. "What's inappropriate?" you ask? Whatever I say it is MY home.

No, I don't hate you. 

And, if I know you, I pray for you as I do for any one I know who is involved in active sin.

I don't hate you, and I won't fight you...until you tell me I, as an ordained minister, must officiate your wedding. I won't fight you...until you begin to hypocritically insist you have your rights while trying to take away my rights.

No, I don't hate homosexuals. But don't expect me to put some rainbow junk on my facebook page. I won't take "pride" in sin as so many of my professing Christian "friends" have.

Why do so many people who say they are Christ-followers actively support "gay" marriage and, indeed, "gay" lifestyle? I recently posted this on my facebook:

Why, you ask, are so many professing Christians applauding today's ruling? Mostly twenty/thirty somethings? It is, I'm convinced, because many of them are on their second or third marriage (which is not unforgiveable), or are still single and having regular sex...and thus if they okay what they used to believe is perversion and sin, they get the focus off themselves (they think)...The more I observe/talk/think the more I am convinced I am correct in this assessment.
But even if I am not correct, or perhaps painting with too wide a brush...if by approving the so called supreme courts decision they are approving homosexual activity, they are ignoring the clear Word of God. If they are approving it simply on legal grounds etc, I can live with that. I personally have no problem with homosexual "marriage" since the majority of heterosexual "marriages" are between pagans, or one pagan and one professing Christian, the government license means little, if anything. I have no problem with them having "equal rights," until and unless they tell me I MUST hire, marry, approve...then its high ho, high ho, its back to jail I go..

So...whether you are homosexual or, for lack of a better term, homosexual-friendly, I don't hate you. If you profess to be a Christian and at the same time feel homosexual activity is okay, I pity you and wish you'd be man or woman enough to throw out the whole bible rather than cut and paste it ala Rob Bell etc. If you are a non-Christian I don't expect you to, nor do I want to legislate you into, living like a follower of Christ.

But I do pray. And I will pray.


Richard said...

Jack I think like me, you are narrow minded...Matthew 7:13-14. many of our "brothers and sisters" seemed to forget this gate. As always you seem to express your thoughts so eloquently and rightly.

Anonymous said...

Well-said. Everything that I wanted to say, you said.

Linda A. said...

Jack, I think you are spot on in this whole blog. Seeing another's sin be approved makes my sin look not so bad. It really is all about me, me, me. May the Lord bless you for continuing to speak the truth and may His protection be upon you and your family! Thank you for all you do!

Dale J Kee said...

I did not receive this the first time it came through. Thank you and may the Lord use you to reach those that have taken scripture and twisted it to approve sin.

Linda A. said...

Very surprised that in two whole years you have only received 4 comments on this. I think it just supports that many think this lifestyle is okay. Some are afraid of the feedback if they were to agree with you.