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Friday, May 24, 2013

You Can Argue Whether You Were Drafted or Enlisted...but if you are a Christian you must fight!

  "The true Christian is called to be a soldier, and must behave as such from the day of his conversion to the day of his death.

He is not meant to live a life of religious ease, indolence, and security. He must never imagine for a moment that he can sleep and doze along the way to heaven, like one traveling in an easy carriage. 

If he takes his standard of Christianity for the children of the world, he may be content with such notions; but he will find no countenance from them in the Word of God.

If the Bible is the rule of his faith and practice, he will find his course laid down very plainly in this matter. 

He must fight."

                        J. C. Ryle (10 May 1816 – 10 June 1900) 

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