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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In A Family Way...

Tuesday afternoon I had the duty to take son Joel to the Kansas City airport so he could fly to his place in Chicago after a glorious week's visit.

I then went to check out Lifeway Christian bookstore, pulling in to the parking lot and decided to stroll over to Best Buy first. Enroute I encountered this:

Nearby I spotted this:

I went to Best Buy, looked around for a bit, then came back...and was virtually charged by this ferocious protector:

His mate joined the attack, leaving me this view of the cause of their actions:

They were the only birds in the huge parking lot. Don't know what happened...timing is everything?...didn't know who to since I can't find scripture prohibiting it prayed they'd be protected and that their unborn babies would see the light of day...and then thought about abortion and the many who fight the good fight trying to protect life...

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