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Monday, May 11, 2015

Who The Heaven Are You?

I was converted in 1974.

I entered vocational ministry (God can use a donkey, therefore He can use me...there are perhaps some similarities?) in 1978.

I work primarily with teens and inmates. And preach in churches. And camps. And I have a bit of a social media presence.

What do I wish for regarding the Christians with whom I get to work?

Number one...absolutely...whether they are nazarene or baptist:  Assurance of salvation (First John)
Unless and until one has confident assurance of their saving relationship with the Lord Jesus, nothing else matters.

Number two..a growing awareness of their identity in Christ. Too often we listen to the lies of the world, the flesh, the devil. We need, no, we must obliterate the lies by smashing them with the truth of scripture.

Memorizing the Word, particularly verses dealing with who I am "in Christ" is crucial to discipleship. (which is ONE of the reasons I am heavily involved in Bible quizzing with this organization)

And that can be complemented by this magnificent song...

I wish teens..and not a few adults...would use this as their "alarm clock" so that first thing as they tackle a new day they increasing measure, just who the heaven they are!

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