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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

United in Praise, United in Prayer, United in Persecution, United in Sacrifice, United in Gratefulness That We Get To Do What We Get To Do

How'd you like it if your spouse was gone an average of 7 weeks each summer, sometimes with several consecutive weeks?

What if that same spouse had to "work" most Saturdays, and not a few Sundays?

What if that went on...and more...for over three decades?

Of course I write of myself, and my bride Jane.

We met at a camp in KC.

We were apart for several weeks prior to our rehearsal and wedding.

And I've been "on the road" pretty much since.

By the way, we are not sniveling. Neither are we patting ourselves on the back.

The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.

It is an honor to serve.

Even if it isn't about "our best life now." (Candidly, Joel et al can have their best lives now; I'll get mine when I croak)

As I read the Word, as I study history, as I examine my own life; two words and one pair of words succinctly define the life of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ:



Great joy

I recognize that the Lord could and would give strength for the journey had I been single for all these years of ministry.

I'm beyond grateful that He gave me Jane...

My letterhead, since day one, has always said "The Ministry of Jack and Jane Hager." Raising four kids and keeping a home and trying to keep me in line have combined to make Jane's life a life of self-denying service.

Just as every life touched through our ministry since 1978 is, however unknowingly, indebted to the men and women who invest financially in our home mission; but those lives are also...unbeknownst to very indebted to Jane.

Yeah...I married up!

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