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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jane and Hillary

On Memorial Day weekend let me ask a question:

What is the similarity between Jane Fonda and Hillary Clinton?


Give up?

They should both have been indicted and, at minimum, incarcerated for their acts of stupidity and treason.

Oh, they won't be. Ms. Fonda has (sort-of) apologized. Forgiveness does not negate punishment. Ms. Clinton will, amazingly, probably be first "lady" (God forbid, but...)

Again, I can understand anyone being "against" whoever the Republicans nominate.

I simply can not fathom why anyone would be "for" Ms. Clinton.

P.S. I realize some readers may know nothing of Jane..she is Henry Fonda's daughter, and while I and thousands of others were fighting in south Vietnam she was in North Vietnam doing photo ops with the enemy as well as donating blood. The Hillary photo refers to Benghanzi...and more damning news is out today...

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