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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Simplicity. Jesus was never too hard to understand though He had and has some hard statements. 

But perhaps genuine ministry is a tad different than counting noses and "decisions";  especially when the one who makes alleged "decision" is promptly forgotten once the body-count has been taken?

Stumbled across this quote in a book of quotes. It is not attributed, but, wow, methinks it is a succinct definition of what ministry to young people truly is...or should be:simple 

Kids go where there's excitement
   They stay where there is love.

And, as in any other context, "love" is spelled "time." Also known perhaps as "discipleship"? Perhaps better know as being a "friend"? I still marvel at the number of "youth ministers" I've met in almost four decades of service who don't seem to like youth!

The book had another quote, also unattributed...which is timely for me (since today is my birthday...same day every year, weird):
Look at the bright side, no matter how old you are , you are younger than you'll ever be again!

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