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Friday, June 3, 2016

Balancing Grace and Truth Imperative

Randy Alcorn's book, The Grace and Truth Paradox, is a very important read. Sadly, the only way to learn balance is to lose it...(also important to recognize that if we get off balance on grace, anything goes; off balance on truth, we
slide into deadly legalism)

But this, from the book, reminds us how paramount finding that balance should be:

"The ancient, historical Jesus came full of grace and truth.

The modern, mythological Jesus comes full of tolerance and relativism. 

Even in the church truth is sometimes buried under subjectivism and cowardice, while grace is lost in a sea of permissiveness and indifference. 

Without truth, we lack courage to speak and convictions to speak about. Without grace, we lack compassion to meet people's deepest needs. 

The vast majority of colleges were built with the vision and funding of Christians. Why? To teach truth. Most American hospitals were built with the vision and funding of Christians. Why? To extend grace. 

We don't have the luxury of choosing either grace or truth. 

Yet many believers habitually embrace one instead of the other, according to our temperament, background, church or family. 

We must learn to say yes to both grace and truth - and say no to whatever keeps us from them."

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