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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Terrific Thursday

After a good, productive day of work, came home, Janelle and Jacob played outside whilst Jane and I went into neighboring woods to look for mushrooms...did not find any, but relaxing fun...took some pics:

                                        Beautiful spring threatening storms

                                      Furtive Frog Found

                            Wrong Kind of Fungi

                               We've been in our country home for over three it:

              Never-give-up Jane continues looking from 'shrooms around a classy tree:

                           "Rocky," our 'grand-dog'...belongs to neighbors, hangs around
                           our home most of the time...we get tired of him, we send him home :)

                                            The Lord painting the sky with the setting sun...

                                           Clouds Rising...

                            Passing jet contrail as cloud continues to rise

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