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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buy This Book

I have only done this once in all the years I've been recommending books.

But I am so "on fire" for this author and his first book I do it again.

Buy this book.

The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler will clarify, confirm, and challenge your concept of the gospel, of which Paul said is "of first importance." (1 Co 15)

Buy it by clicking on the following link (and that way I will make a few pennies). If you read it and don't think it was worth your time, I will reimburse you.

Pretty good guarantee, yes?

More important...this is a phenomenal book, just out, and in an age of mushiness over this that is of "most importance," whether you are an adult or a teen, a recent convert or a seasoned disciple of Christ, I double-dog-dare you and pretty much beg you to make this purchase.

"It will change your life" is applied to far too many things...but I'm pretty sure it applies here.

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