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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another Regional Bible Quiz Tournament!

Last week I was honored to be in Washington state helping with the Teens For Christ North West Regional Bible Quiz was delightful, a tremendously wonderful time that ranks way up there on "favorite quizzing event ever (and that entails over 30 years)...

Last night (Friday) started the Midland Ministries Regional Bible Quiz tournament in Saint Joseph, Mo. Fifteen teams from six states (if I'm counting correctly) are competing. They each quizzed six times tonight, and tomorrow (Saturday) morning will quiz all day until only three teams are left...and they will quiz for the Championship.

Here's some pics:
                               Midland staffer Andrew Johnson has something to say:

                         My daughter Janelle and Evie Schrock, daughter of Midland staffer Jessica (who lived
                         with us before getting married

                         Where 2 or 3 teens are gathered...there must be food

                           Jessica Schrock and her (and Nick's!) daughter Evie

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