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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nineteen Years Ago???

For two decades I had the privilege of directing Bible quizzing as I served on staff of Family Life Ministries in New York. We had teens involved from both NY and PA. It was a tremendous joy, and I am thrilled to be able to continue with Bible quizzing even as I transitioned to Missouri and Midland Ministries in 2008.

Nineteen years ago a team from Family Life took first place at Nationals. A few years ago I wrote a blog post about them; here it is again, slightly edited as we are in Colorado Springs as I type for the 2016 tournament...

Bible Quiz Champs 1998

Nineteen years???

Yup, it was mid-April, 1998, with the Bible Quiz Nationals taking place in Denver, Colorado.

At that time I was directing the Family Life Ministries (NY and PA) Bible quiz program, and we took five teams to the competition.

As always, the event was filled with a variety of levels of competition, but at the championship quiz "By Grace" was victorious.

I still have some contact with most of the team...they are scattered from coast to coast...but I grin as I reflect not only on that victory, but in my having the privilege of hanging with them, working with them, over several years. I keep a framed picture of the team on my office wall.

They were coached by Linda Schooley, and the team members were David Bradstreet, Chris Gardner, Chad Snavely, Chris Stanley, Carolyn Pearce, C. J. Madison, and Charlotte Bradstreet.

Here's a pic (with Pikes Peak in background)

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