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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Magnificent Gift!

Jane and I serve as home missionaries. Since 1978 I (and since 1982 "we") have trusted the Lord to provide through His people for our salary. We receive no compensation other than those funds invested by people (and a few churches).

If a camp or a church or a civic group etc ask me to speak, I say "yes" with no "minimum" charge; I simply explain our situation and ask them to cover transportation (if necessary) and anything above
that is up to them. Of course there are not too many honorariums for my ongoing prison ministry!

But the vast majority of our "income" comes from individuals who give - some monthly, some annually, some occasionally.

The sizes of the gift vary. My "largest" every-month supporter gives $400.00. My "smallest" is $10.00. I put the words in quotation marks because every donor is a valued partner in the gospel work to which the Lord has called and united us.

It is a continuing amazement to me that our God raises up people to not "only" give financially; but to pray fervently. As I tell them often, "Your gifts make our ministry possible; Your prayers make our ministry powerful.

Many of our support team have been with us since the first days. As time goes on that number lessens as they go on to glory as the Lord calls them home. This can pose a problem as the 20/30 somethings are not, wide-brush, known for their interest in giving anything - time/talent/treasure. Thankfully there are incredible exceptions!

A couple weeks ago I received one of the most treasured financial gifts I have ever received.

I had the privilege of speaking, quizmastering, and hanging out at the Teens For Christ North West Regional Bible Quiz tournament in Washington. We spent four days at a camp and had a spectacular time. This was my fourth trip to be with them during Regionals. Some of the teens and adults I will see next week for the National Bible Quiz Tournament.

Anyway, on the last day of the event four young ladies came up to me to say good bye. They also told me that for all of the season their quiz coach would "reward" them whenever they did something special during practices...getting a verse correct on the first time, encouraging another quizzer, helping set up etc. The reward? A quarter.

The girls decided to pool their "earnings" and give it to me...

Sure, I've received bigger gifts.

But their willingness to give their combined $25.00 to me caused a bit of moisture to gather in my eyes.

May not seem like a big deal to others; but it was...and is...a huge deal to me.

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