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Monday, April 11, 2016

I Despise Numbers

I hate numbers.

Allow me to explain.
While in Vietnam I saw "numbers" become synonymous with "lies." After action reports, in the main, threw numbers of "Killed In Action" enemies inflated...often hugely inflated.
So I was pretty much in hate with numbers...
Then I got saved...
Then I went into ministry...
Then I started seeing a different version of "body counts."
"12 saved, 23 assurance, 14 dedications" seemed and seems a constant refrain from most meetings where preaching took place.
Be advised I am not totally against "invitations." There is a time. I am against any type of invitation that has any hint of manipulation. But that's another discussion.
I certainly am against judging the "success" of an event, or a program, by numbers.
Hopefully those who are into numbers in the Christian realm are not going to lie (inflate) the numbers to look "good."
But none of us are the Holy Spirit (thank God!) And only He does the counting that counts...
And the Spirit, while inspiring the Scripture, most of the time is very vague about "numbers."
"About 5000"...."about 120"....Acts 19.7 records "There were about twelve men in all." Obviously God knew exactly how many men were there; but still Spirit inspired “about twelve...”
Even I can count to twelve!
Perhaps the Spirit of God is telling us something??? Last time I checked any proclamation of God’s Word is a victory, whether there is any outward “response” or not...
Maybe the Spirit’s point is that individual people are more important than numbers?
Then again, there are the 153 fish that Simon Peter caught...

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