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Monday, April 11, 2016

What'sThe REAL Problem? (hint - it ain't 'them')

“The central problem of our age is not liberalism or

modernism, nor the old Roman Catholicism or the new

Roman Catholicism, nor the threat of communism, nor

even the threat of rationalism and the monolithic 

consensus which surrounds us [nor, I would add today,

postmodernism or materialistic consumerism or

visceral sensualism or whatever].  

All these are dangerous but not the primary threat.

The real problem is this: the church of the Lord Jesus

Christ, individually or corporately, tending to do the 

Lord’s work in the power of the flesh rather than of the

Spirit.  The central problem is always in the midst of

the people of God, not in the circumstances 

surrounding them.”

Francis A. Schaeffer, No Little People (Wheaton, 2003), page 66.

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