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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bible Quizzer Anticipation

Hundreds of teens are enroute to Colorado Springs to compete in the 2016 Bible Quiz Fellowship National Tournament. The tournament begins Wednesday evening and concludes Saturday night.

If you've not seen quizzing; you've no idea how tense it can be (nor how delightful it is!)

Most of the youth participating have memorized at least six or seven chapters of the Word of God. (this season our material is ten Pauline letters). Some have memorized much more; a few have memorized all the material.

But quizzing is not simply quoting verses. They are asked who/what/when/where/why questions out of each verse; sitting on electronic pads in teams of five, the first one up provides the question and is crazy...they are incredible.

And as they travel to the tournament, whether veterans or rookies, methinks they can all relate to Mr. Brown:

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Logan Merrill said...

I can absolutely agree with everything in this post and, as a former quizzer myself, understand just how tense (but delightful) Bible quizzing can be. I remember even having Jack as my quizmaster many years ago, was an amazing time!