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Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Observation...

Before I share a quote that, frankly, is rather convicting to me...just a heads up...I am in the process of changing this blog to (for a variety of reasons)...that won't happen until I get off the summer road (I am wrapping up my fourth week of camp ministry in northern Wisconsin where I'm speaking at a family camp...will go home for three days before heading to NY and PA for two weeks of camp and two churches)...but did want to share this, to me, slap:

The very concept of “the weekend” is unbiblical. It turns Sunday into a second Saturday. Home Depot may gain, but we lose. It turns Sundayinto the day we catch up on the stuff we were too lazy or disorganized to do on Saturday. It also turns Sundayinto a day to ramp up for work or school on Monday. It hollows out not only Sunday but our whole week, because it marginalizes God and church and sermons and all the other vital things that happen in our lives only when we make the vital things also the central things. If we accept the world’s concept of “the weekend,” we inevitably end up “fitting God in” rather than centering the practical reality of our every week around Him. We trivialize Him, even as we allow secondary things to hijack the sacred place of centrality, we live soul-exhausted lives, and then we wonder why God isn’t more real to us, why church isn’t “working” for us, why we’re grumpy, and so forth.
Ray Ortlund

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