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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Observation of the Robin Williams Conversation

I am saddened by much of the "conversation" concerning Robin Williams, depression, and suicide...both here and on other pages etc. I am NOT yelling at anyone, but observing with sadness many, many professing Christians speaking of their own experiences, the experiences of friends, the feelings of themselves and others, the harshness of some writers, the opinions of psychiatrists etc...but NO scriptural reference or point of view. Is Scripture sufficient or is it not?

Has really "no temptation overtaken you except that which is common to man"? Will God really "provide an avenue of escape" for ANY include suicide?

"Oh, but Jack, you don't understand."

Correct. As mentioned, though I've had a rather eclectic background, I've NEVER chewed tobacco or considered suicide. That does not make me "better," it is simply a fact. Drugs, Vietnam, prison, and more did not push me, drag me, pull me to the "slough of despond."

Especially since captured by Christ, I find life to be a challenging ride, but not a ride so bumpy that I'd consider checking least to this point.

So I don't understand fully because I've not been there...but if I want to read first hand accounts of depression...I can read many of the Psalms.

David knew some stuff about being depressed...

And if I claim to be a follower of Christ and a believer that His Word of true; I can't and shouldn't argue "just" from experience/feelings./opinions of learned non Christians...Scripture is sufficient.

That does NOT mean simplistic "God will make it okay" "answers" are sufficient, by the way...

Just another indication of the biblical illiteracy rampant in the church I suppose.

Now that's sort of depressing...

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