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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Musical Interlude,..

Wow. Some heated discussion regarding some of my posts and reposts concerning suicide the late, lamented Robin Williams in particular...

I've had private conversations with some, ignored others, and am close to defriending one (who private messaged me saying she hoped one of my kids or wife would commit suicide so I'd "change my tune")...

So I thought I'd take a break and just post some music before I go preach for the next-to-last time to this particular group of teen campers...

If we who claim to be Christians would learn who we are in Christ, our identity in Christ, how precious we are to the Father etc a lot of problems would take care of themselves (note I said "a lot", not "all")

Here's some musical thoughts for your consideration:

And from those great philosophers and theologians, "The Eagles":

And let's never grow too theological, too sophisticated, too "used-to-being-saved" that we forget this:

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