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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Needs to be Updated for Internet

I posted a version of "Amazing Grace" by Celtic Women that simply stunned me. Amazing...lots of bagpipes, full orchestra and more. I asked those who felt the need to blast me because the artists might not be Christian, and got a couple incredulous comments wondering if there really are people like that.


But it also reminded me of an old Petra song...that needs to be covered by someone...maybe it has been, but I've not heard it...

Seems to describe the self-proclaimed vigilantes who crawl the internet looking for something to blast.

Agreed, some things need to be exposed; but that list is pretty small.

I also think "CCM" has been around long enough that someone should have like a Christian "oldies" station..if you know of one, let me know...

Not too many of us around who remember the days of 2nd Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, Larry Norman, etc...

Here's the Petra song...just the music, couldn't find one of them in concert:

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