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Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Photos of Blessings

Sunday Morning I preached at the Fernwood (Idaho) Community Church...the pastor was going to drive me to the airport (2 1/2 hrs), but before I spoke he asked if someone in the congregation would take some of their young kids to camp today (Monday) because he had not been home for a couple weeks and had a rather large to do list...

So before I preached I suggested perhaps it would be good for the pastor to have Sunday afternoon and evening "off" to relax with his family etc and asked if someone would be willing to give me a ride to the airport.

After church my new friend Pete volunteered. I said, "Yes, thank you." Then the pastor said something like, "Well, you could have ridden in my rusty car with the squeaky front brake, but instead you can ride in Pete's car...and we walked around the corner to discover this:

      Got to Denver at midnight, slept for a few, then picked up rental car and drove three hours to Camp Machasay where I am speaking to junior highers and Janelle has worked for two weeks already, and finishes up at this location at the end of the camp Thursday (when we both fly home in time for Jane's birthday!) might say I'm a little proud to watch her quizmaster!

                                  One of several horses that provide rideability for campers..and me?

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