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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Surprise Party That Wasn't

Well, I gave it the old college effort...

After success in surprising my wife yesterday with her best friend's visit from New York; thought we had the thing going to surprise her with a party tonight.

But a few days ago Janelle borrowed my phone to check her facebook; and did not sign out. Careless. I then added to the carelessness by using my phone to use facebook without checking, and sent a message to another friend. Like all good Moms, Jane checks Janelle's facebook frequently...and thus saw a message from me to a mutual friend about the party.

But Jane faked it well...she was afraid I would have a ton of people who were casual acquaintances...but turned out I had reserved a room at a great and varied restaurant; a good friend (Cassie Lumpkin) decorated and did all the other leg work; and 35 folks enjoyed several hours of good food and sweet fellowship.

Jane was ecstatic at the guest list...some friends we'd not seen in 25 years; close friends that we see regularly, and everything in between.

It was a good night.

Jane said I made up for all the birthdays I've missed.

Don't know about that...but I'm grinning!
            Foreground left, Dave and Laura White; Jim and Dorothy Pirie; Foreground right Rick and Sherri

   Jessica Schrock at one end of table; Josiah Hager at other, left Andrew and Rachel Johnson; Tim Mosiman, Pastor and Mrs. Rick Sharp; Chris and Christina Hewins; Michael and Brandi Hewins, the Euhlers,

                                     Janelle and Evie Schrock (Jessica's daughter)

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